Become a Best10 Live Workout Instructor

Best10 is hiring a team of live workout instructors to lead our new online classes! If you’re passionate about helping people through fitness then watch this video to learn more about the role and how to apply! 👉🏽

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We’re Best10, a (proudly!) South African based startup that is expanding rapidly, with thousands of customers all over the world.

We’re about to launch a new health and fitness product that’s going to change the game. A core part of this product is finding dynamic, personable and professional fitness instructors to lead daily live classes to our ever expanding customer base.

So if you’re ready for an adventure where you can share your enthusiasm for health and fitness – join our team!

Fitness coach and client

About the role

What’s great about the role:

Too often very talented coaches, trainers and instructors are’t afforded the opportunity to actually become professionals in their careers. At Best10, we want to offer professional fitness coaches the opportunity to be treated and remunerated like professionals.

Our goal is to create a community of coaches and instructors who reach thousands of clients daily. You will be a part of delivering Africa’s most premium live workout while having the opportunity to be a part of a company that is expanding globally.

What does the role entail?

The role is a full time position. You will be required to lead or participate in 4 classes per day, 5 days a week.

Who is perfect for this role?

Anyone who is passionate about and has experience with High Intensity Interval Training. While having been a lead workout instructor or head coach is preferable, we are welcoming of anyone who feels they can deliver an exceptional coaching experience to our membership base and who is ready to dedicate themselves to the Best10 certification process.

Best10 Perks


A customised fitness studio with state of the art production equipment. You’ll be constantly supported by a production manager and have access to our co-working offices as well.


We believe it’s time that those who choose a career in health and fitness be remunerated like full time professionals. We’re proud to offer full time roles to people whose passion for helping others burns as strongly as ours.

Come as you are

Best10 is a progressive and open minded company. What you’re capable of matters, the rest doesn’t.