About Us

Best10 is a personalised coaching experience designed to transform your body.

Best10 founder and head coach James White has successfully trained hundreds of people looking to reshape their bodies, and their lives.

After establishing gyms in South Africa and the United States, James quickly built a reputation for getting results both in the gym and as a specialist coach, most notably for television and film actors needing to prepare their bodies for demanding physical roles. James has also been named as Men’s Health trainer of the year.

Commissioned by Hollywood producers, he has trained a variety of actors, including Toby Stevens, Tom Hopper and Luke Arnold for Black Sails, Sam Heughan for Outlander and Milla Jovovich for Resident Evil.

James’ coaching philosophy has always been about understanding individual goals and empowering his clients to achieve their best bodies by strengthening both mental and physical aspects.

Using his experience and success as a personal coach, James developed a unique training methodology which he refined to create Best10.

As head coach, James oversees all programming and works closely with his team to ensure his methodology is consistently applied throughout Best10 so you see the results you signed up for.

Multiple International Fitness Certifications

He holds multiple international fitness certifications and has written numerous articles for internationally recognised publications including Men’s Health, Women’s Health and Muscle & Fitness (US). He is regularly consulted as an expert coach and is considered to be one of the leading health and fitness coaches. Read more of his articles here.

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