Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone looking to transform their body, whether you’re a beginner, lapsed gym-goer, shedding for the wedding, an ex-athlete, recovering from injury or simply looking to lose the last 5kg. Each plan is developed according to your individual needs and goals.

You’ve come to the right place. We work with people of all fitness levels and no prior experience is necessary. We’ll quickly assess your needs and work with you to create a plan that suits your body and addresses your individual goals. Our workouts are all body-weight movements that don’t require any machines or complicated techniques, so they’re accessible and easy to complete. And, of course, if you have any questions, our coaches are on-hand to assist you along the way.

No, not at all. We will take your age, level of fitness and lifestyle into consideration for your customised plan.

We designed Best10 to fit into your lifestyle by (1) creating workouts that can be completed anywhere and (2) ensuring each workout is not longer than 45 minutes. This gives you the flexibility to work out when and where suits you.

What makes Best10 unique is our level of support. We recognise how challenging it is to train alone. We believe that it’s vital to “partner” with you to reach your goals. Coaching assistance, weekly check-ins and regular feedback will ensure accountability, confidence in your plan and measurable results – there’s nothing more motivating than seeing how much progress you’re making.

During your assessment we’ll cover any specific injuries or weaknesses to ensure you complete the plan safely and within your capabilities. We’ll also include alternative movements to avoid inflaming or irritating any old injuries. Because our workouts are based on body-weight movements, there is less impact and stress on your back, knees and other high-risk areas. However, we highly recommend that you have a full medical/physical test prior to starting Best10 to rule out any risks or avoid further injury.

A good workout plan is about creating a solid foundation. From there, each week’s workouts build gradually and steadily so that you can confidently approach the next session. You will be challenged, but not beyond your capabilities. You’ll also have enough rest during the week’s workouts to recover and comfortably keep up over the 10-week plan.
While Best10 is designed as a body-weight programme that doesn’t need a gym, it can be incorporated into any current training you are doing or be completed at any gym.

From the start you’ll be assigned a coach who will be available daily to check in on your progress, provide training tips and advice, and answer any questions you may have. Your coach will be your partner (and cheerleader!) throughout the plan and is there to offer the assistance and encouragement you’d expect of a personal trainer.

Yes, we’re completely prepared to address your specific dietary requirements or food likes and dislikes. Following your assessment, our dietitian will provide a variety of options within the guidelines of the nutritional plan so that your preferences are included from the start.

You’ll meet your coach at your one-on-one assessment and they will be your partner throughout the plan. All coaches have required certification and been personally selected and trained by head coach James White.

Once signed up, you’ll get a login for access to your profile and individual plans.
All communication will be conducted online at a time that suits you. During your weekly catch-up you’ll receive all the training, advice, tips and feedback required from your coach who will work with you to achieve your goal by Week 10.

Besides the quality of the individual training and nutritional plans, the coaching experience sets us apart. We build the plan around you and support you throughout with a high level of personal interaction. We believe that listening and understanding you allows us to meet your needs most effectively.

An all-inclusive plan, including the initial assessment, equipment and one-on-one coaching, is R8,950, which works out at just R895 per week or R128 per day.