Indoor Winter Wellbeing Workout

Feeling down and out about fitness as soon as you step out into the cold winter air?

Stay at home and slay your daily workout goals with our full-body Indoor Winter Wellbeing Workout!

3 Rounds:
10 x Plank Shoulder Taps
10 x Mountain Climbers
10 x Pulse Lunges
5 x Plank walk outs

Set 1:
Work for 40 seconds – Rest for 20 x 4
– Plank Hold
– Toe Touches
– Body Weight Squats
– Jumping Jacks.
Rest for 2 min.

Set 2:
Work for 30 seconds – Rest for 15 x 6
– Side Plank Lifts (Stay on the same side for 1 round, next round do the other side)
– Hip Raises
– Jump Lunges
– Ski Jumps
Rest for 2 min.

Set 3:
Work for 20 seconds – Rest for 10 x 8
– Elbow Plank mountain climbers
– Heel touches
– Jump squats
– Plank Burpees

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