Healthy Ready-made Meals

Want to stay healthy but feeling overwhelmed by the busy-ness of daily life?

Our dietitians have compiled a list of recommended guilt-free readymade meals, which you can pick up from your local grocery store on your way home…

Our favourite ready-made meal combinations:

Calories per serving – serving size found on the nutritional label of each food

Wholewheat wraps with sliced ready-made oven-roasted chicken breast
Heat the wraps in the microwave and add any leftover salad/vegetable ingredients from the week along with the pre-roasted chicken.

Ready-made soup with easy added protein
Buy a vegetarian soup and add some shredded leftover meat from the week or a tin of chickpeas/beans to increase the protein content of the meal.


Ready-made salad with smoked pork, chicken or fish
Choose a salad option that contains greens and a type of grain, such as quinoa, or a starchy vegetable like beetroot, add your pre-cooked protein of choice, and enjoy.


Build your own poke bowl
Buy ingredients like sashimi salmon, pickled ginger, fresh mixed greens, cucumber, pineapple, avocado, sesame seeds and ready-made ‘heat and eat’ rice.

Pre-made quiche
Heat a slice of your favourite quiche and add a salad to your meal by throwing together some leftover ingredients from the week or buying a pre-packaged greek or garden salad.


Ready-made falafel balls
Heat the falafels in an air fryer and add to salads or wraps.


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