Our Approach

We are your partner in real body transformation. Best10 combines a dynamic, personalised plan with unrivalled coaching and support.

You’ve found us because you’re serious about transforming your body. So are we.

There are hundreds of plans out there and endless resources on weight loss, fitness and nutrition. It’s overwhelming. But we believe it’s not one-size-fits-all and the difference between starting and finishing a plan is the constant guidance and feedback to ensure you reach your goals.

Best10 is Different

What sets Best10 apart is not only our customised workouts and meal plans, but the ongoing support you’ll get from our team. You can expect the highest level of expertise from our internationally certified coaches who are on-call to make sure you’re motivated and on track to being a fitter, stronger and healthier version of yourself.

How it Works

The Best10 approach is based on partnership. You’re assigned your own coach who keeps you moving forward and makes sure you’re well prepared, educated and energised, giving you the confidence to achieve your personal goals.

What you can expect

From the day you sign up, you can you expect a 100% personalised experience. We work with you to set up your individual training and nutrition plan. Throughout your 10-week journey, you’ll get an unequalled level of communication and ongoing support from your coach to ensure you never lose focus and stick to your weekly plans.

This plan has been designed specifically so you can work out anywhere.

To make it accessible and keep it simple, none of the exercises require any traditional equipment or complicated machines.  Each week you’ll log in and get complete instructions for five workouts that use a combination of body-weight movements, allowing you to complete the 45-minute workouts at home, on the road, or in the gym. 

Good eating habits (not a diet!) determine the success of any weight-loss programme. While the exercise routine will make you feel like you’re working hard, the real foundation of your transformation is nutrition. That’s why we only work with the best in the business to develop a customised meal plan that gives you all the energy you need to feel satiated, but is scientifically balanced to stoke the fat-burners. It will also be tailored to your likes and dislikes. You’ll access your weekly eating plan online for recipes, ingredient lists as well as nifty swaps and tips.

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